Thought on the Branch about "redesigning the save icon"

Actually, I love the idea to teach my children why this icon looks like a floppy disk, and what was a floppy disk. Let’s keep it like it is.

Who we work for ?

Perhaps we should tell our clients that we do not work for them, but for their clients. They just are the intermediate. They might be more attentive at our advices.

…we don’t see that we don’t see.

So you want responsive iframes

In the responsive web design world, iframes are bad kids. Actually it’s the least “responsive” HTML element, firstly because it can’t adapt its dimensions to its content.

Fortunately, today we mainly use it only for embedding videos for example, which are fixed-dimensions elements. At least we can know the ratio between its width and height.

So when working with CMS which clients often want to insert Youtube or Vimeo videos in, it can cause some troubles. So I came up with this code, based on the nice “padding trick” found on A List Apart :


Iterations trumping versions

Well written and documented design workflow based on very small iterations.

It’s art if can’t be explained.
It’s fashion if no one asks for an explanation.
It’s design if it doesn’t need explanation

Information is cheap, but meaning is expensive.

George Dyson

The Bible #3 has come. #smbook (Pris avec instagram)

The Bible #3 has come. #smbook (Pris avec instagram)

Design is artfully realized communication.